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Insta Air Cooler

Air cooling is done by passing air from the atmosphere over wet cooling pads, the water flowing continuously in the pads so that it is always cool. By sucking the air from the environment through this pads, results in drop of temperature. This cool air is supplied where we require fresh and cool air. It is completely natural without using any ozone depleting gases, and it can be done at a very low cost.


This air cooler allows a constant flow of fresh, healthy air instead of conventional air-condition, which only recycles the same stale air. By using these air cooler we can leave doors and window open so that fumes, smoke are expelled. We can considerably reduce the cost of power compared to conventional system by up to 6 times. This air cooler ideally suitable for India because it has dry and hot climate.


We can use following type of places: Textile mills (spinning, weaving sheds), offices, commercial kitchen, show rooms, etc.


Its advantages are: Low investment to install and operate; Low maintenance; Environment-friendly fresh air without using ozone depleting gases (CFC, etc); Two types of air cooler are available.

published May, 2013
For further information
Full Address of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider SRE Corporation
359, Tank Road, Balaji Nagar
Coimbatore - 641 005 Tamil Nadu, India (Republic of)
Telephone Numbers of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Telephone: + 91 422 91-422-4270363.
Mobile Numbers of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Mobile: + 91 9843260553, 9843046064, 9787676494, 9788714114, 9787552520, 9843986865, 9886544887.
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