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Newly developed Fibrevision FibreTQS

ON-LINE quality monitoring of POY and FDY yarns has been well-established for many years, with the most widely used system being Fibrevision FibreTQS. The ability to eliminate faults that would result in downgrades in downstream processes provides both substantial quality benefits and process cost reductions.

Spin finish regularity is the key to improved quality and efficiency in both POY and FDY production. It is widely recognised that most Spin Finish problems are invisible to conventional testing and that laboratory testing only sees MEAN data for very short samples.

To address this, Oerlikon Fibrevision has further developed its highly successful Fibrevision FibreTQS monitoring system and now offers a spin finish monitoring only system. This will identify major sources of quality problems within this process which are:

Short-term variation seen as transient faults or high CV levels which results in:

  • POY ► DTY
  1. Tension transient faults seen by Fibrevision Unitens.
  2. Bulk and dye flashes in fabric.
  3. End breaks.
  • FDY
  1. Broken filaments in draw process.
  2. Bulk and dye flashes in fabric (no Fibrevision Unitens to grade out).
  3. End breaks in FDY process.

FibreTQS Sensor
Spin finish sensors are fitted prior to the first godet (after the oil dispersion jets), and measure spin finish mean level, short-term variation and transient faults. The sensors are connected directly to interface electronics that are located in an IP64 enclosure located behind the sensors.                        

The Fibrevision FibreTQS system also provides further operational benefits with:

  • Multi language PC software.
  • MMC system allowing remote viewing and control of all monitored machines.
  • Plant Integration facilities with both data export and doff number synchronisation.

published February, 2013
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