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New ALPHA 500 carpet weaving system

MANY carpet mills around the world have successfully established their operations by installing Schonherr carpet weaving systems. Schonherr launched its ALPHA 400 series in 2008 and over the years considerably expanded the range of applications. New options such as the "Multi Weft Selector" allowed the introduction of new technologies such as the "Magic Weft Effect," opening a new world of carpet design possibilities to manufacturers. Carpets with eight colours and reed densities of 900 are no longer a dream; they are now being produced daily - to the full satisfaction of customers.

ALPHA carpet weaving systems are equipped with Staubli three-position Jacquard machines, a Staubli dobby or cam motion, and a servo-cutting system. This set-up produces excellent surfaces with no mixed contours and it yields clean carpet backings.

Schonherr has now announced its new ALPHA 500 carpet weaving system, just before DOMOTEX Hannover 2013. This newly designed machine has a weaving width of five metres. The ALPHA 500 can be equipped with options as its predecessors. In particular a six plus six "Multi Weft Selector" can be adapted, which gives the possibility of up to six different weft yarns for the top as well as for the bottom carpet/rug. This not only makes the new system even more flexible, it raises productivity to unequalled heights. Like all Schonherr products, the ALPHA 500 is manufactured a hundred percent at the Schonherr factories in Bayreuth and Chemnitz, Germany.

Schonherr, a member of the Staubli Group, will exhibit its products at five events in 2013:

  • DOMOTEX Hannover, 12 - 15 January
  • DOMOTEX Asia, Shanghai, 26 - 28 March
  • ITM 2013 ISTANBUL, 29 May - 1 June
  • Techtextil 2013 Frankfurt, 11 - 13 June
  • CAITME 2013 Tashkent/Usbekistan, 12 - 14 September.

Staubli is a mechatronics solution provider with three dedicated divisions: Textile Machinery - to which Schonherr belongs to - Connectors and Robotics. With a workforce of over 4000, Staubli has a presence in 25 countries and agents in 50 countries around the world.

published February, 2013
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