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Aircomp solution to enhance piping's life

- Aircomp services is a one-stop shop for pneumatic accessories, compressed air products, valves, pressure gauges, one touch fitting, PU tube, pneumatic hose, etc of various reputed brands.

product profile from Aircomp Services   published August, 2013
Continental's complete range of weaving accessories

- Continental Engineering Industries (P) Ltd, Ahmedabad offers the complete range of weaving accessories

product profile from Continental Engineering Industries (P) Ltd   published July, 2013
Advance Industrial's polyurethane rollers

- Advance Industrial Rollers Pvt Ltd, Ghaziabad is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane rollers and other custom moulded products for various industries

product profile from Advance Industrial Rollers Pvt. Ltd.   published July, 2013
Temple cylinders & rings from Basant

- Temple cylinder and rings play a very crucial role in the quality of cloth woven

product profile from Basant Wire Industries Pvt Ltd   published July, 2013
Double row ball bearings for textile machines

- Kinex Bearings belong with its portfolio among important global suppliers of standard and special rolling bearings aimed for beddings in various industrial applications.

product profile from Bhawana International / Kinex Bearings / Kinex Bearings a.s.   published July, 2013
Kakva's bottom rollers for ring frames & speed frames

- Kakva Industries, manufacturer of all types of bottom fluted rollers for textile machinery, offers bottom rollers for ring frames and speed frames.

product profile from Kakva Industries   published July, 2013
Katlax's RS232 to Ethernet Converter

- Katlax has added one more product in its range of converters and it converts RS232 signal into Ethernet compatible.

product profile from Katlax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.   published May, 2013
Automation solutions for narrow fabrics

- RSG Automation Technics focuses on automation solutions for narrow fabrics.

product profile from RSG Automation Technics GmbH   published May, 2013
Pressure Blaster Machine from Surface Int

- Surface International has introduced a Pressure Blaster Machine.

product profile from Surface International   published May, 2013
Power transmission belts & pulleys

- Power Belt India is authorised all India master distributor and stockist for Optibelt, Germany, for its wide range of Power Transmission Belts.

product profile from Power Belt India   published May, 2013
Prashant West Point's Direct Warper & Creel

- Prashant West Point Machinery Pvt Ltd offers Direct Warper & Creel, which is of extremely sturdy and robust construction for vibration free operation.

product profile from Prashant West Point Machinery Pvt Ltd   published April, 2013
Apurva Selvedge Warping Machine

- Apurva Texmac, Thane manufacturers of textiles warping machines, offers a Selvedge Warping Machines, which is ideally suitable for warping selvedges, where a small quantity of yarn is needed.

product profile from APURVA TEXMAC   published April, 2013
Sabar's Pneuma Flyer Cleaner

- Thread winding on bobbins is done at a mind-boggling speed of up to 20,000 RPM! The flyer-tubes, which carry these bobbins, have to be clean smooth & ready to perform.

product profile from Sabar Hi-Tech Machines   published April, 2013
KINEX Textile Bearings & Rotor Spindles

- Wide assortment of KINEX rolling bearings includes special rolling bearings for textile machinery.

product profile from Bhawana International / Kinex Bearings / Kinex Bearings a.s.   published April, 2013
A&I Offers Rotor Spinning Machines & Spare Parts

- ASEAN International (A&I for short) is an international trade oriented group with business operations in Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and among others.

product profile from Bhawana International / Kinex Bearings / Kinex Bearings a.s.   published April, 2013
Special belts for textile industry

- ASHUTOSH Power Transbelts Ltd offers the following special belts for the textile industry.

product profile from Ashutosh Power Transbelts Limited   published February, 2013
ABC Fasteners for textile machinery industry

- ABC has developed some fasteners items, which are useful for textile machinery manufacturing unit.

product profile from ABC Industrial Fasteners   published December, 2012
M K Ring Spinning & Doubling Spindles

- M K Brothers Mfrs Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad is a pioneer and one of the leading manufacturers of high-speed aluminium plug type spindles since last 50-years.

product profile from M K Brothers Mfrs Pvt. Ltd.   published December, 2012
ContiTech develops heavy-duty timing belt

- The contitech power transmission group has developed a new polyurethane heavy-duty timing belt with carbon tension member - the contiĀ® synchrochain carbon. One distinguishing feature of carbon is that the fibres barely stretch, even when under high tensile load.

product profile from ContiTech India (Private) Ltd.   published December, 2012
Range of washers from ABC

- ABC has developed Spring Steel Circlip External, Internal, 'E'-Clip, Snap Ring, C-ring, Spring Washers Flat Section, Sq Section double coil type Spring Washers, External & Internal Star Washers, Disk Fan Lock Washers, Bearing Washers, Wave Washers, Disk Spring Washers, Knurled Washers, Push on Washers, Belleville Washers, Safety Washers.

product profile from ABC Industrial Fasteners   published December, 2012
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Advantage Nonwovens
The per capita nonwoven fabric consumption in India, which was 155 gm sometime ago, is expected to touch to 350 gm by 2015 and 600 gm by 2020, whereas the per capita consumption of nonwovens in developed markets such as US and Western Europe is around 3 - 3.5 kg. The global market for nonwovens is around...
Eco textile processing & its role in sustainable development
Years of human ignorance has diminished our natural resources and aged our planet. Now, people are making an effort to change the way they are treating the planet. Being more environmentally conscious about the impact materials used for fashion...
Techno-economics of woven silk union fabrics
From the field survey and interactions held with the exporters, it is observed that new product development is the prime area that should be concentrated for future expansion of the silk industry (Naik 2010). Consumer markets are changing fast, with rapid growth in...
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