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Laxmi CM-Handle Type Weaving Machine

- Laxmi Textile Stores, Ahmedabad, offers CM-Handle Type Weaving Machine.

product profile from Laxmi Shuttleless Looms Pvt. Ltd.   published September, 2013
Keisokki hairiness & evenness tester, LASERSPOT LST V

- Keisokki has introduced its Laserspot as a solution to spinners troubled by hairiness.

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt. Ltd.   published September, 2013
JTS harness components

- JTS (Jacquard Textile Solution) offers a wide range of braided cords, which, in combination with a wax treated comber board are ideal for Jacquard application.

product profile from JTS (Jacquard Textile Solution)   published August, 2013
Hot air exhaust system for weaving, processing

- Aerovent HVAC Systems offers fume and hot air exhaust system, which is based on excellent engineering in textile weaving and process house machinery for fume and hot air generated during the machine operations.

product profile from Aerovent HVAC Systems   published August, 2013
Kingtex Flying Rapier Loom

- Dogetech Enterprise Pvt Ltd, which has offices in Kolhapur and also in Coimbatore offers Kingtex Flying Rapier Loom

product profile from Dogetech Enterprises Pvt Limited   published July, 2013
Bharat Warper & Weaver Beams

- Bharat Beams Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad has come a long way since its inception. It has been manufacturing quality Warper Beams and Weaver Beams since long.

product profile from Bharat Beams Private Limited   published July, 2013
LGL's COMPACT Yarn Feeder

- LGL Electronics SpA, Italy has designed a new yarn feeder, "COMPACT" which combines reduced dimensions, user-friendliness and the important recent technical innovations.

product profile from LGL Electronics SpA   published July, 2013
Electromech 100/105 Warping Machine

- Tech Mech Engineers, Ahmedabad offers Electromech 100/105 High Speed Sectional Warping Machine

product profile from Tech Mech Engineers   published July, 2013
Jupiter's high speed direct warping machines

- Jupiter Comtex Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad offers high-speed direct warping machines

product profile from Jupiter Comtex Pvt Ltd   published July, 2013
SB-D 22 double-head draw frame with unique can changer

- Rieter's SB-D 22 double-head draw frame without autoleveling guarantees maximum machine efficiency with a unique can changer up to 1,000 mm.

product profile from Rieter India Private Limited   published May, 2013
Memory & Contactor Latch

- Surya Electrical and SS Electronics, which is a well-known leading manufacturer in textile electronics industry, has products & services for the spinning mills.

product profile from Surya Electrical   published May, 2013
New generation direct warping machines from Amritlakshmi

- Amritlakshmi Machine Works has been in the field of textile machinery manufacturing since the last 25-years and has been pioneers in the weaving preparatory field manufacturing high-speed direct warping machines and multicylinder sizing machines for spun and filament yarn.

product profile from Amritlakshmi Machine Works   published April, 2013
Dornier's machine weaves & embroiders in one unit

- Dornier offers P1 & A1, a Weaving Machine & Embroidery Unit, which it claims will bring a new dimension for patterns on Dornier weaving machines.

product profile from Dornier Machinery India P Ltd   published April, 2013
GSSM-100 eXpert Sizer, a Spun Sizing System

- UKIL Machinery Co Ltd, Korea, for which engineering is supplied by USA Mechatronics, USA, and which is represented in India by the Sagar Group, offers GSSM-100 eXpert Sizer, which provides this and more.

product profile from Sagar Group of Enterprises   published April, 2013
Double Beam Carrier with Harness Mounting Arrangement

- Technocraft Industries offers a wide range of transport and handling hydraulic equipment for beam & cloth rolls, for different application in textile-weaving units. It has introduced a double beam carrier with harness mounting arrangement, which is suitable for the entire textile-weaving units.

product profile from Technocraft Industries   published April, 2013
TwinTAPE 200LX precision cross winders

- For the first time Starlinger showed the new automatic twinTAPE 200LX precision cross winders for tapes at the Interplastica 2013 in Moscow.

product profile from Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft mbH   published February, 2013
Uster® CLASSIMAT 5 now uses advanced sensor technology

- The new USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 is a ground-breaking innovation, expanding the scope of the well-known CLASSIMAT® instrument beyond traditional classification - and identifying both foreign matter and polypropylene defects.

product profile from Uster Technologies AG   published February, 2013
New ALPHA 500 carpet weaving system

- Many carpet mills around the world have successfully established their operations by installing Schonherr carpet weaving systems.

product profile from Schonherr Textilmaschinenbau GmbH   published February, 2013
Laxmi Bobbin Stripping & LTP Roving Stripping Machines

- "Laxmi textile products", a leading name is textile spinning equipment manufacturer, was established in 1978 and has been working for especially on waste recovery machinery in spinning as an effective solution to waste management and reuse of waste with out damaging the properties of cotton and other fibres.

product profile from Laxmi Textile Products   published December, 2012
Omkar: A house of weaving machinery spares

- Omkar engineering works, ahmedabad is specialised in the weaving sector and most well-known manufacturer of sulzer projectile weaving machines replacement parts for model pu, tw-11, p-7100 & p-7300. The company was formed in 1990 with the main aim of manufacturing 100% indigenous spares for projectile weaving looms.

product profile from Omkar Engineering Works   published December, 2012
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