India? Yes, India!

Even small Textile Machinery manufacturers  can export to industrially rising India  - if you have something really new to sell!

India is emerging as the most ambitious textile & garment manufacturer-exporter, and what the country needs urgently is more and more sophisticated technologies. Already about 65 to 70% of textile-related machinery being installed every year is imported! So, the potential to sell textile machinery to India has ever been only expanding. Never has the pace slackened!

Which segments need what kind of machinery? Where do the opportunities lie?
provides not only the answer ... it also provides you an effective and economic medium!

 For the past 119 years, ITJ, as the monthly magazine is popularly known among thousands of decision-makers from the Indian textile mills industry, has proved beyond doubt that it is the best vehicle to spread what you have to say about your technological innovations and  profiles of your machinery across the country. A tall claim? 
Consider the global giants from the textile machinery industry - Oerlikon, Uster, Bruckner, Thies, Rieter, Jakob Muller, Loepfe, Kern-Liebers ... and several others routinely use ITJ. Their presence through advertisements in our magazine each month speaks louder than we can!

Consider this ITJ's record so far unchallenged by any other textile magazine in Asia!
publishes about 125 units (Full Pages/Half Pages/Quarter Pages - 50% of them from abroad, and 50% from companies in India, owned/partly-owned by the the Swiss, the German, the Italians and the Japanese) of textile machinery advertisements in each monthly issue.

ITJ captures in its 150-odd pages each month a fair picture of what textile machinery India manufactures, uses, imports and even exports. If you are a manufacturer of textile machinery/accessories/spares (or offer services to the textile industry) and are convinced that there is a market for your machines in India, ITJ is your best medium and the most inexpensive too. The industrially rising India is increasingly quality conscious, not necessarily averse to the higher costs in importing better substitutes.

Now, each month, a digital edition of
is published on the 8th day of the month of publication of the print edition. The print edition is too expensive to airmail outside India, so we do not advice businesses outside India to subscribe to the magazine. But the e-edition of ITJ - a complete replica of the print edition -- is just a click away. Click Here to check out this for yourself. A quick glance-through will help shape an insight as to what the textile machinery market of India is like for new entrants, and for those who wish to consolidate their presence in the Indian market.