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Critical nep size & its influence on yarn

- Fabric appearance and yarn imperfections are not directly correlated.

published September, 2013  |  more Details
Properties of cotton/spandex single jersey fabrics

- In cotton/spandex single jersey fabrics, bursting strength, fabric weight, crease recovery and pilling resistance rating can be improved significantly by increasing the Lycra ratio, but air permeability and dimensional stability of the fabrics decrease.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
Single jersey cotton knit: Finished width prediction by ANN

- Regression model as well as ANN can be used for the prediction of finished width of the single jersey cotton knitted fabric from the input machine and knitting parameters, and prediction by ANN is more accurate than those obtained from multiple linear regression models.

published May, 2013  |  more Details
Latest innovations in warp knitting & warp preparation

- KARL MAYER participated at Tecnotêxtil 2013 on the stand of Mayer do Brasil.

published May, 2013  |  more Details
Rieter Com4®jet yarn for more economy in knitting

- The largest application area of the Rieter Com4®jet yarn is currently for knitted garments.

published May, 2013  |  more Details
Jiunn Long's Double Jersey Series

- The Taiwan-based Jiunn Long Machines, which are marketed in India by the Delhi-based Dipti International are built with robust structure for a longer life. The cam block is designed for 2 tracks on dial and 4 tracks on cylinder offered as standard equipment, is more flexible and economic to the knitters where 2 x 2 machine is existed.

published May, 2012  |  more Details
Shima Seiki's ultrafine gauge wholegarment production

- MACH2X is the latest addition to Shima Seiki's line of WHOLEGARMENT speciality machines that features 4 needle beds and Shima Seiki's original SlideNeedle. It can knit beautifully shaped, high-quality WHOLEGARMENT products, which conform to the body for improved comfort and a more elegant silhouette. As the "MACH" name suggests, speed and productivity are dramatic. MACH2X achieves a maximum knitting speed of 1.6 metres per second.

published May, 2012  |  more Details
High quality components for weft & warp knitting from Kern-Liebers

- Under the banner Kern-Liebers Textile, a range of its companies manufacture sinkers, needles, assemblies, pin plates, pinned rollers and combing products for the international textile machine engineering and textile industries.

published May, 2012  |  more Details
Comez leads in high-speed crochet knitting

- Comez has been blazing a trail of success in knitting. Here are some of its leading machines drawing many buyers.

published May, 2012  |  more Details
Karl Mayer knits success story in machines for intimate apparels

- Bangladesh is offering KARL MAYER plenty of prospects for success, and the DGT 2012 held recently in Bangladesh was a good opportunity for the company to make its presence felt. The Warp Knitting Business Unit was exhibiting in conjunction with its agent, Pacific Associates.

published May, 2012  |  more Details
Innovations in warp knitting tech for stitch bonded fabrics

- With the expanded stitch-bonding process extended to include a shift of the needle bar making a free positioning of layers in multi-plies achievable, it is now possible to produce symmetrically arranged multi-plies in a single step, independent of the restrictions of standard knitting patterns.

published May, 2012  |  more Details
Cotton-covered spandex yarn: Predicting tensile properties

- In the prediction of tensile properties of cotton-covered spandex yarn, the ANN model shows considerable lower mean square error (MSE) than the multiple regression analysis in both testing and training data.

published October, 2011  |  more Details
Machine-woven carpets: Pioneering a new revolution

- The new carpet weaving machines from Van de Wiele have widened remarkably the horizons of machine-woven carpets in the recent years.

published September, 2010  |  more Details
Knitted fabric faults: Inspection, causes & solutions

- Fabric faults are responsible for major defects found by the garment industry, say the authors, who also propose a new inspection method permitting to appreciate objectively fabric quality.

published November, 2009  |  more Details
Knits overtake wovens, good portents for future

- A favourable development is that both USA and EU are inclined to offer India a zero-for-zero tariff, and although the modalities are yet to be worked out, implementation of this should help India move a couple of notches up the WTO ladder.

published December, 2008  |  more Details
Parameters influencing plain knitted fabric spirality

- With the help of a new experimental procedure based on image processing of plain knitted fabrics, the authors reveal the importance of yarn twist, stitch length, yarn tension and feeder density in promoting fabric spirality.

published November, 2008  |  more Details
Comfort properties of bi-layer knitted fabrics

- One way of constructing a physiologically functional bi-layer fabric is to use on the inside, a synthetic material with good moisture transfer properties in association with an outside material, which is a good absorber of moisture.

published August, 2008  |  more Details
Enhancing fabric quality by new approach

- Garment manufacturers as well as industrial fabrics users will increasingly need a comprehensive, consistent way to establish the quality of goods.

published March, 2008  |  more Details
Loop length & polyester-Lycra air-covered knitted fabric

- The knitted fabric with a loop length of 2.5 mm has better appearance than the fabrics of other loop lengths, and in particular 10% stretch level shows a better appearance for 2.5 mm loop length.

published February, 2008  |  more Details
Fabrics for garments: Imported vs indigenous

- Highlighting the shortcomings in terms of quality of the fabrics produced by the local, weaving and processing industries.

published January, 2008  |  more Details
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