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Contamination-controlled cotton & yarn

- Improvement of Indian cotton quality with respect to contamination level is the responsibility of all cotton growers, traders & processors.

published August, 2013  |  more Details
Increasing yarn realisation in OE spinning mill: A case study

- To have a better control over yarn realisation and wastes, the mill must test the quality, ie, trash% of cotton waste materials in at least 10% of the bales per lot and arrive at the average mixing quality based on which, the mill must calculate the expected yarn realisation and compare it with the actual.

published August, 2013  |  more Details
Laxmi's Automatic Bobbin Stripping Machine

- Laxmi Textile Products, Ahmedabad manufactures Automatic Bobbin Stripping Machine, a unique solutions for removing Leftover Bottoms from Warp - Plan Weft, Auto Weft Pirns.

published July, 2013  |  more Details
Rieter Com4® - Yarns of Choice

- Com4® - the yarn brand from Rieter - has been an established name in the textile industry for more than a decade. To date Com4® stands for high-quality compact yarns spun on Rieter compact spinning machines. Most recently, the brand has been extended to all 4 spinning systems that Rieter offers on the market.

published July, 2013  |  more Details
Rotor Spinning: Effect of rotor, navel parameters, winding tension

- The influence of rotor speed, rotor groove, type of navel and winding tension on yarn property and spinning performance, and concludes spiral groove and plain smooth navel give better yarn quality and grooved navel gives better spinning performance in coarse counts.

published July, 2013  |  more Details
Latest spinning machines & technologies

- At the last year's 9th India International Textile Machinery Exhibition (India-ITME 2012) held in Mumbai, most of the companies offering technologies for spinning mills presented some newly-launched machines and wares.

published July, 2013  |  more Details
Weaver, warper beams & VEGA trolleys from Harsiddh

- Harsiddh group offers a range of services and a product and is a prominent name, especially, when it comes to manufacturing of Weaver and Warping Beams and material handling equipment.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
ACE+ Plus High-Speed Rapier Loom with cam gearbox

- Weavetech’s ACE+ Plus Rapier Looms with cam gearbox is the new development for high-value added & high GSM fabrics like furnishing, upholstery & jacquard fabrics.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
JAYTEX fully automatic warp leasing-in machine

- Fully automatic JAYTEX AFM 2 Model Warp Leasing-In-Machine’s selector carriage is now with new features, advancing movement of the same is in co-ordination with the density of the warps.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
New gen direct warping machine from Amritlakshmi

- Amritlakshmi has been a pioneer in the weaving preparatory field manufacturing high-speed direct warping machines.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
Stella India offers best of new & used imported looms

- STELLA India offers best of new and used imported weaving looms and processing machinery.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
Laxmi's CM-R Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine

- Laxmi offers CM-R Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine, which is easy to operate.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
R9500: Surpassing all expectations of rapiers

- With the widest application range, the R9500 is the backbone of Itema. It is simple to operate & maintain producing unsurpassed quality providing the highest added value of Itema products.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
Latest weaving technologies and accessories

- Selective compressed air usage, yarn saving and long-term engineering are three important aspects, which will go a long way in making weaving industry highly profitable.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
Bi-Fab Handloom: An innovation

- Bi-Fab Handloom meets all such parameters like increase in production and quality and does not tamper with the USP but rather adds more to it

published June, 2013  |  more Details
Airjet spinning: Effect of blending on yarn quality

- The quality characteristics such as single yarn strength, yarn elongation and rupture per kilometre of yarn are directly proportional to the ratio of polyester with viscose in the blend in airjet spinning

published June, 2013  |  more Details
Rotor Spinning: Influence of opening roller & transport tube parameters

- Principle of yarn formation and yarn structure fibre deposition in rotor, integration into yarn and formation of wrapper fibres are described.

published May, 2013  |  more Details
Minimisation of sale yarn in weaving

- Sale yarn, a common term used for hard waste in weaving, is a major hindrance towards yarn realisation, steps to reduce this sale yarn percentage by taking appropriate corrective measures.

published April, 2013  |  more Details
Wax streak: A headache for worsted fabric weaving

- Wax streaks are a common problem in worsted fabric and the dominant factors responsible for wax streaks in the fabric and moot corrective measures.

published April, 2013  |  more Details
A relook at spinning of short staple man-made fibres

- Given the economic realities and the dominance of man-made fibres over natural fibres today, direct spinning can be a viable option for increased profitability and efforts have to be made to develop appropriate direct spinning technologies.

published March, 2013  |  more Details
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