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Calender cotton bowls: Some problems & remedies

- Usually all problems pertaining to calender finish on fabric arise out of cotton bowls.

published September, 2013  |  more Details
Denim dyeing goes ecological with new INDIGOROPE "GENIUS/C"

- INDIGOROPE GENIUS/C: A new machine for ecological dyeing of denim.

published September, 2013  |  more Details
J 20 air-jet spinning machine for new raw material applications

- Rieter has recently released the air-jet spinning application for new raw materials and yarn count ranges.

published September, 2013  |  more Details
New Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL: Knowing which way the wind blows

- The new Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL - an expert in meeting the requirements of the wind power sector.

published September, 2013  |  more Details
Reduce sludge & save $72,251 in total operation cost!

- Chemical programmes improve colour removal efficiency, reduce BOD & COD as well as sludge generation for a textile plant in India.

published August, 2013  |  more Details
What makes a Com4® yarn so successful?

- Rieter is frequently asked which yarn it recommends for which application. The question is not always easy to answer because the application range of the yarn depends on the requirements placed on the end-product, the economic demands of the spinning plant as well as the customer base of the yarn manufacturer. The following information is designed to help decide which Com4® yarn is the best for the individual customer and for the textile application.

published August, 2013  |  more Details
Getting rid of pilling & uneven looks with USTER® Statistics

- USTER® STATISTICS – a powerful and practical quality resource, freely available for all, helping the textile industry to deal with pilling and uneven fabric appearance – and much more besides.

published July, 2013  |  more Details
Successful processing of carbon fibre heavy tows on Malitronic®

- Successful processing of carbon fibre heavy tows on the Malitronic® MULTIAXIAL machine.

published July, 2013  |  more Details
Additive injection & mixing in modern spinning plants

- Statistics reveal that spinning line capacities are becoming increasingly large.

published July, 2013  |  more Details
The VISION SHIELD InSpect4: A step ahead

- Detection of foreign fibres in spinning preparation is an indispensible part of the spinning process today. Several generations of THE VISION SHIELD by Jossi Systems have contributed decisively to this development.

published July, 2013  |  more Details
How to inspect an old calender machine?.

- First of all, before deciding to buy a calender machine, the buyer should know what type of machine will be suitable for the fabric he is intending to process with the help of calender.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
Profitable shirt production: Karl Mayer's new Expert-System

- Karl Mayer's new Expert-System for optimum use of the Multi-Matic®, GOM, etc.

published June, 2013  |  more Details
Friction arrangement in conventional calenders

- Friction arrangement in conventional calendars.

published May, 2013  |  more Details
Innovations for the materials of the future

- Oerlikon is synonymous with innovative industrial solutions and advanced technologies for textile manufacturing, drives, vacuum and solar technology, thin-film coating and advanced nanotechnology.

published May, 2013  |  more Details
Importance of energy consumption in ring & compact spinning

- Rieter, the only manufacturer of all four spinning systems, incorporates know-how from all machinery sectors in its machine development in order to achieve the very best for its customers.

published May, 2013  |  more Details
Importance of interface products in automation

- Interface products in automation play the same role that is played by infrastructure in development of a nation.

published March, 2013  |  more Details
E 80 Comber: Quality meets flexibility

- With the launch of the E 80 Comber, Rieter is again shifting the boundaries of what is possible in combing. New superlatives in performance are being achieved in terms of quality, output and economy.

published March, 2013  |  more Details
Conventional calenders Vs advanced technology calenders

- Today calendering finish on fabrics has become a must-do process. Since generations we have seen people using conventional calenders for calendering all sorts of fabric.

published February, 2013  |  more Details
Xetma sets new standards in surface finishing

- Since more than 160-years Xetma Vollenweider as a company with long-standing traditions is developing and manufacturing textile finishing systems with German quality and Swiss precision.

published February, 2013  |  more Details
Saris in fascinating patterns on FL 20/16

- By creating a new range of patterns on the FL 20/16, the product developers at KARL MAYER have succeeded in developing something new and innovative that is set to revolutionise the production of sari fabrics.

published February, 2013  |  more Details
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Eco textile processing & its role in sustainable development
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